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PM’s inaugural address at 16th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention

  • There is a tradition to honour all the colleagues who have enhanced the pride of Mother Bharati all over the world with the “PravasiBharatiyaSamman” every year.
  • About 240 dignitaries spread over 60 different countries have been honoured since the journey, which began under the guidance of Bharat Ratnalate Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji.
  • It will also be announced this time. Similarly, thousands of colleagues from all over the world have participated in the Bharat Ko Janiye(Know India) Quiz competition.
  • These numbers show that they may be away from the roots, but the new generation’s attachment is growing as much.
  • The 15 winners of this quiz competition are also present among us in this virtual event today.
  • I congratulate and extend my best wishes to all the winners, and all of you deserve accolades for taking part in this quiz competition.
  • And this is my request to all the participants of this quiz competition that you should try to connect 10 more people when the next quiz competition is held.
  • This chain should continue and grow and you should add more people. Many people from abroad come to study in India and return to their countries after their studies. Friends, The past year has been a year of many challenges for all of us.
  • But amidst these challenges, the way our Indian Diaspora has done the work and discharged its duty around the world is a matter of pride for India as well.
  • This is our tradition and these are the customs of this land. There is a strong trust in Indian-origin colleagues all over the world for social and political leadership from here.
  • The chief guest of this event today, the new President of Suriname Shri Chandrika Parasad Santokhi ji, is also a shining example of this spirit of service.
  • And I would also say that many of our Indian brothers and sisters living abroad have also lost their lives during this corona period.
  • I offer my condolences to them and I pray that God gives a lot of strength to their family members.
  • Today, the warm words of the President of Suriname and his affection for India have touched the heart of all of us.
  • In each of his words, in every sense, his feeling towards India was reflected and was motivating us.
  • Like him, I also hope that we will meet soon, and we will also have the opportunity to accord a grand welcome to the President of Suriname in India.
  • In the past year, overseas Indians have further strengthened their identity in every sphere. Friends, I have had discussions with many Heads of the State in the world in the past few months.
  • The State Heads specifically mentioned how overseas Indian doctors, paramedics and common Indian citizens have served in their country.
  • Whether it is temples, or gurudwaras, or the great tradition of langar (community kitchen), many of our social, cultural and religious organisations have taken the lead in the spirit of service and have served every citizen in this difficult situation.
  • I feel very proud when I hear it from every country of the world. And you can imagine, when I listened to your praise on the phone.