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PM’s address at the dedication of Rewari – Madar section of Western Dedicated Freight Corridor to the Nation

  • Brothers and sisters, I wish you all for the New Year of 2021. The ongoing MahaYagnato modernize the country’s infrastructure has gained a new momentum today.
  • If we talk about the last 10-12 days only, more than Rs. 18,000 crore were transferred directly to the farmers’ accounts with the help of the modern digital infrastructure.
  • The National Common Mobility Card was launched on the Airport Express Line of Delhi Metro and similarly, the driverless Metro was also started.
  • The work began for AIIMS at Rajkot in Gujarat and IIM’s permanent campus at Sambalpur in Odisha.
  • The work began for the 6,000 houses in six cities of the country with the world’s best technology.
  • The National Atomic Timescale and Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravya System were dedicated to the nation.
  • The foundation stone of the country’s first National Environmental Standards Laboratory was laid; the 450 km-long Kochi-Mangaluru gas pipeline was inaugurated.
  • The 100th Kisan Rail ran from Sangola in Maharashtra to Shalimar in West Bengal and at the same time.
  • The first freight train ran on the new Bhaupur-New Khurja freight corridor route of Western Dedicated Corridor and now, today.
  • The 306 km-long corridor of Western Dedicated Freight Corridor has been dedicated to the country. Think, so much has been done in just 10-12 days.
  • When the country has started on a good note in the New Year, the time to come will be even better.
  • So many inaugurations and foundation stones are also important because India has done all these things during this distressed period of Corona.
  • A few days ago, India also approved two ‘Made in India’ vaccines for Corona. India’s own vaccine has instilled new confidence among the countrymen.
  • The head of which Indian, which son of Mother Bharati and which person who loves India will not be held high with pride after looking and listening about India’s rapid pace for self-reliance at the start of 2021.
  • Today, every Indian’s call is: we will neither halt, nor be tired; we Indians will move together and fast.
  • Friends, This project of Dedicated Freight Corridor is being seen as a game changer for India in the 21st century. After the hard work of the last 5-6 years, a large part of it has become a reality today.
  • The speed of freight trains has been recorded above 90 kilometres per hour on the New Bhaupur-New Khurja section which started a few days ago.
  • On a route, where the average speed of freight trains has been only 25 kilometres per hour, these are now running about 3 times faster than before.
  • India needs the same speed of development as compared to earlier and the country needs similar progress.
  • Friends, Today, the first double stacked container goods train has been flagged off from New Ateli in Haryana to New Kishangarh in Rajasthan.
  • That is container over a container and that too one-and-a-half kilometers long goods train; it is a great achievement in itself.
  • India has joined the select nations in the world with this potentiality. There has been a great effort of our engineers, technicians and labourers behind this. I congratulate them for this proud achievement.