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PM’s speech at dedication of Kochi – Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline to the nation

  • It is an honour to dedicate the 450 kilometer Kochi-Mangaluru natural gas pipeline to the nation.
  • This is an important day for India, especially for the people of Kerala and Karnataka. These two states are being connected by a natural gas pipeline.
  • I congratulate people of these states. Congratulations also to all the stake-holders for taking steps to providing clean energy infrastructure.
  • The pipeline will have a positive impact on the economic growth of these two states. Friends, The Kochi-Mangaluru pipeline is a great example of the fact that no target is impossible if all work together by giving priority to development.
  • The people associated with this project know how difficult it was to complete it in terms of engineering. There were other difficulties also during the project.
  • But this pipeline was completed due to cooperation of our labourers, engineers, farmers and the state governments.
  • It may be just a pipeline, but it is going to play a very big role in accelerating the development of both the states.
  • Why is the country giving so much emphasis on the gas-based economy today? Why work is moving at a rapid pace on One Nation One Gas Grid?
  • Why is the rapid expansion of the gas-based economy a must for a self-reliant India? The benefits of this one pipeline only will make it clear.
  • First, the pipeline will improve the ease of living for millions of people in both the states. Secondly, this pipeline will reduce the expenses of the poor, middle class and entrepreneurs of both the states.
  • Thirdly, this pipeline will become a medium of city gas distribution system in many cities. Fourthly, this pipeline will form the basis for the development of CNG-based transport systems in many cities.
  • Fifthly, this pipeline will supply energy to Mangalore chemical and fertilizer plant and help in making manure at low cost, helping the farmers.
  • Sixthly, this pipeline will provide clean fuel to Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals. Seventhly, the pipeline will play a major role in reducing pollution in both the states.
  • Eighthly, pollution reduction will have a direct impact on the environment; the reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide through this can be matched by planting millions of trees.
  • Friends, The ninth advantage is that the better environment will also improve the health of the people, reducing their expenses on diseases.
  • Tenth, when pollution is low, air will be clean, there will be gas-based systems in the city, more tourists will come, the tourism sector will also benefit and friends.
  • There are two more important benefits of this pipeline which need to be discussed. During the construction of this pipeline, 1.2 million man days of employment have been generated.
  • A new ecosystem of employment and self-employment would develop very fast in Kerala and Karnataka after its commissioning.
  • Every industry, be it fertilizer, petrochemical or power industry will benefit from it and will create employment opportunities.