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PM’s closing remarks at meeting with CMs on Covid-19 situation and vaccination rollout

  • We have just discussed in detail the Made in India Corona vaccine and the world’s biggest vaccination campaign. A lot of things have been detailed in the presentation.
  • A detailed discussion has happened with officers at the district level of our states and there have been good suggestions from some states.
  • This communication and coordination between the Centre and the states has played a very crucial role in the fight against corona.
  • In a way, we have presented the best example of federalism in this fight. Friends, Today is also the death anniversary of late Lal Bahadur Shastri ji, the former prime minister of our country.
  • I pay my glowing tributes to him. In 1965, Shastri ji made an important point in a conference of Administrative Services which I want to mention here today.
  • He said: “The basic idea of governance, as I see it, is to hold the society together so that it can develop and march towards certain goals.
  • The task of the government is to facilitate this evolution, this process.” I am satisfied that all of us worked unitedly during this crisis period of Corona and we all tried to follow the lessons that Lal Bahadur Shastri ji had imparted.
  • During this period, quick decisions were taken with sensitivity, necessary resources were also mobilized and we continued to sensitize the people of the country, and as a result.
  • The Corona infection in India has not spread as we have seen in other countries of the world.
  • People have come out of the fear and apprehensions that were there among the countrymen 7-8 months ago.
  • It is a better situation now, but we have to ensure that we are not careless. The impact of the growing confidence of the countrymen is also positively visible on economic activities.
  • I also compliment your state administrations for working day and night. Friends, Now our country is entering a decisive phase in the fight against Corona.
  • This phase is of vaccination. As mentioned here, we are launching the world’s largest vaccination campaign from 16th January.
  • It is a matter of pride for all of us that the two vaccines that have been given emergency use authorization are both made in India.
  • Not only that, four more vaccines are also progressing well. As I say that we will discuss again once the 60-70 percent work is done in the first round of vaccination.
  • After that more vaccines will be available and we will be in a better position to make our future plans.
  • Therefore, we will consider vaccinating those above 50 years of age in the second part as there are possibilities of more vaccines by then.