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PM’s address at valedictory function of the 2nd National Youth Parliament Festival

    • The birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda today gives a new inspiration to all of us. Today is also special that this time the Youth Parliament is being held in the Central Hall of the country’s parliament.
    • This Central Hall is witness to our Constitution. Many great people of the country made decisions for a free India here and reflected on the future of India.
    • Their dream of a future India, their dedication, courage, strength and efforts still resonate in the Central Hall.
    • Friends, the seats that you are occupying today are the seats on which some distinguished great personalities of this country sat when the process to draw the Constitution was going on.
    • Just imagine the seat on which you are sitting was once used by the great men of the country.
    • The country has so many expectations from you. I am sure all the young colleagues who are sitting in the Central Hall now must also be feeling the same.
    • The debates and brainstorming sessions done by you here are also very important. I congratulate and convey my best wishes to the winners of the competition.
    • And when I was listening to you, I got the idea and, therefore, I decided that I would tweet your speeches from my Twitter handle today. And it is not that I will only tweet the speeches of you three only.
    • If there is recorded material available, I will also tweet the speeches of all those who were in the finals so that the country knows how our future India is taking shape in this Parliament complex.
    • It would be a matter of great pride for me to tweet your speech today. Friends, What Swamiji has given to the country and the society, is beyond time and region, and is going to inspire and guide every generation.
    • You must have noticed that there is hardly any village, city or a person in India which does not feel connected with Swamiji and is not motivated by him.
    • Swamiji’s inspiration also gave new vigour to the war of independence. The long period of subjugation had disconnected India from the sense of its strength of thousands of years.
    • Swami Vivekananda reminded India of its strength, made it realize, revived its mind and awakened the national consciousness.
    • You will be surprised to know that the people who were fighting the war for independence either through the path of revolution or peace at that time were inspired by Swami Vivekanandaji.
    • At the time of his arrest, the literature associated with Swamiji definitely reached the police. Then it was studied as to what is in the thoughts of Swami Vivekanandaji.
    • Which inspires people for patriotism, nation building and to die for the cause of freedom, and how it impacts the minds of every young man so much.
    • Time passed by and the country became free, but we still find that Swamiji is among us, inspires us every moment and his influence is visible somewhere in our thought process.