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PM’s address to mark the Diamond Jubilee of the Gujarat High Court

  • Congratulations to all of you on the occasion of the diamond jubilee of Gujarat High Court.
  • In the last 60 years, both the Gujarat High Court and the Bar have made a unique identity with their legal understanding, erudition and intellectualism.
  • The conscientiousness with which the Gujarat High Court has worked for truth and justice, the readiness that it has shown for its constitutional duties, has strengthened both the Indian judicial system and the democracy of India.
  • A postage stamp has been released today to commemorate the memorable journey of the Gujarat High Court.
  • I take this opportunity to convey my best wishes to all your Excellencies and to the people of Gujarat.
  • Excellencies, the responsibility given to the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary under our Constitution is like oxygen for our Constitution.
  • Today, every countryman can say with satisfaction that our judiciary has firmly fulfilled its responsibility to protect the oxygen of the Constitution.
  • Our judiciary has always strengthened the Constitution itself by making a constructive and positive interpretation of the Constitution.
  • Whether it is the protection of the rights of the countrymen, or the private freedom, or the situations where the country’s interests had to be accorded top priority, the judiciary has recognized and fulfilled these obligations.
  • You all know very well that the rule of law in Indian society has been the basis of our culture for centuries of civilization and social fabric.
  • It is written in our ancient scriptures: ‘न्यायमूलं सुराज्यं स्यात्’ e., the root of good governance is in justice, the rule of law. This idea has also been part of our culture since time immemorial.
  • The same mantra also gave moral strength to our freedom struggle and the same idea was put at the top of the Constitution by our founding fathers also.
  • The Preamble to our Constitution is an expression of the same resolution of the rule of law.
  • Today, every countryman is proud that our judiciary has always given strength and direction to this spirit of our Constitution and these values continuously.
  • This trust in the judiciary has instilled a confidence in the minds of our ordinary man and has given him the strength to stand up for the truth.
  • And when we discuss the contribution of the judiciary towards the journey of the country since independence, it is also necessary to discuss the contribution of the Bar. This glorious heritage of our judicial system stands on the pillar of the Bar.
  • For decades, the Bar and the judiciary have been fulfilling the fundamental objectives of justice in our country.
  • The notion of justice that our Constitution has put forward, the ideals of justice that have been part of our Indian culture, that justice is the right of every Indian.
  • Therefore, it is the responsibility of both the judiciary and the government to put together the world class justice system in the world’s largest democracy.
  • Our justice system should be something that is accessible to the person at the bottom of the society, where justice is guaranteed to every person and justice is guaranteed in time.