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PM’s address at the launch of development projects in Sonitpur District, Assam

  • How are you my brothers and sisters? Hope you are fine. Last month, I had the privilege to come to Assam to be a part of the program of distribution of land leases to the poor, exploited, deprived people of the society.
  • Then I said that the affection and love of the people of Assam is so deep that it brings me to Assam again and again.
  • Now, once again, I have come to greet and meet all of you. Yesterday, I saw in social media how beautifully Dhekiajuli has been decorated and then I tweeted it also. You have lit so many lamps.
  • Today is a very special day for me for another reason! Today, I have had the opportunity to bow down to this sacred land of Sonitpur-Dhekiajuli.
  • This is the land from where the centuries-old history of Assam was introduced to us near the Rudrapada temple.
  • This is the land where the people of Assam defeated the invaders, showcased their unity, power and valour.
  • On this land in 1942, the freedom fighters of Assam sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country, for the honour of the Tricolour.
  • On the valour of these martyrs, Bhupen Hazarika ji used to say: भारत हिंहहआजि जाग्रत हय। प्रति रक्त बिन्दुते, हहस्र श्वहीदर, हाहत प्रतिज्ञाओ उज्वल हय।
  • That is, the lions of India are waking up today. Each and every drop of the blood of these martyrs, their courage strengthens our resolutions.
  • Therefore, the land of Sonitpur, which is witness to the gallantry of the martyrs, and the past of Assam, is infusing my mind with Assamese pride again and again.
  • Friends, All of us have always been listening and seeing that the first morning of the country comes from the north-east.
  • But there is also the truth that the morning of development in the northeast and Assam had to wait a long time.
  • The entire North East is now moving forward on the path of development leaving behind violence, deprivation, stress, discrimination, favouritism and struggle.
  • And Assam is playing a major role in it. The recent Bodoland Territorial Council elections following the historic Bodo peace agreement have written a new chapter of development and trust.
  • This day bears testimony to a significant change in the fortune and future of Assam. Today, on the one hand.
  • Assam is getting the gifts of two medical colleges in Biswanath and Charaideo and, on the other hand, the foundation of modern infrastructure has been laid through Asom Mala.
  • Today is an important day in the journey of development of Assam. On this special day, I extend my heartiest wishes to the citizens of Assam.
  • Friends, Assam is a great example of how united efforts and resolutions lead to better results.
  • You will remember the time when good hospitals were only a dream in most remote areas of Assam five years ago.