Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

PM’s address at the launch of key infrastructure projects in Haldia, West Bengal

  • Today is a great opportunity for the entire eastern India, including West Bengal. Today is an important day for East India’s connectivity and self-sufficiency in clean fuels.
  • In particular, major projects that empower the gas connectivity of the entire region have been dedicated to the nation today.
  • The four projects that have been dedicated and laid today will improve both the Ease of Living and Ease of Doing Business in many states of eastern India, including West Bengal.
  • These projects will also help in developing Haldia as a modern and large import-export centre in the country.
  • Friends, The gas-based economy is the need of India today. The one nation, one gas grid is an important campaign to meet this requirement.
  • For this, the focus is also on expansion of the pipeline network as well as reduction in natural gas prices.
  • Over the years, several major reforms have been undertaken in the oil and gas sector. The result of our efforts is that today India has joined the highest gas consuming countries across Asia.
  • The country has also announced a ‘hydrogen mission’ for clean and affordable energy, which will empower the clean fuel campaign, in this year’s budget.
  • Friends, When the country gave us an opportunity six years ago, we began with a pledge to develop eastern India that was lagging behind in the journey of development.
  • We took a number of steps to build modern facilities for mankind and business in eastern India.
  • Whether it is rails, roads, airports, waterways, ports, work has been done in every sector.
  • The biggest problem in this region was the lack of traditional connectivity and gas connectivity was also a big problem.
  • In the absence of gas, forget about new industries, even old industries were also closing down in eastern India.
  • To address this problem, it was decided to connect eastern India with eastern ports and western ports.
  • Friends, The Pradhan Mantri Urja Ganga pipeline is going ahead with this target. Today, another major part of the same pipeline has been dedicated to the people.
  • With the 350 kilometre-long Dobhi-Durgapur pipeline, 10 districts of West Bengal as well as Bihar and Jharkhand will be directly benefited.
  • About 11 lakh man days employment have been generated for the people here while building this pipeline.
  • Now that it has been completed, thousands of families in all these districts will be able to access cheaper piped gas in the kitchen and CNG based low pollution vehicles will be able to run.
  • At the same, it will also enable continuous supply of gas for Durgapur and Sindri fertilizer factories.
  • The growth of these two factories will create new employment opportunities and provide adequate and cheaper fertilizer to the farmers.
  • I would urge GAIL and the government of West Bengal to try to complete the Durgapur-Haldia section of Jagdishpur-Haldia and Bokaro-Dhamra pipeline at the earliest.