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PM’s address in Rajya Sabha during farewell of four members

·       Very few might have taken notice of both my companions Mir Mohammad Ji and Nazir Ahmad ji in the House, but not a single session went without listening and understanding the different topics shared by them in my chamber.

·       They also used to share the nuances related to Kashmir. Whenever we used to sit and talk, they would place the different dimensions and aspects in front of me it was very energizing for me.

·       So, I also express my heartfelt gratitude to both of our companions for having personally engaged with me, and for the information that I received.

·       And I am sure that their commitment and their capability will work for both the country and particularly Jammu and Kashmir.

·       I am sure it will be beneficial for the unity, happiness, peace and prosperity of the country.

·       Coming to one of our companions Shamsher Singh ji, I have lost the count of the number of years since I started working with him because I have been into the work related to my organization.

·       I used to work in this field. I also got the opportunity to work in Jammu and Kashmir for many years, as a fellow worker, sometimes traveling on a scooter.

·       Shamsher Singh ji was among those who went to the jail during emergency at a very young age. And Shamsher ji’s attendance percentage in this House is 96%.

·       This in itself depicts the seriousness with which he had put in his efforts to fulfill the responsibility given to him by the people.

·       He has given his 100 per cent. He is soft-spoken and simple. I believe that this tenure is the best phase in the lives of the four honourable members who are retiring from Jammu and Kashmir because the history has taken a new turn and they have become a witness to the same. This is a major event in their lives.

·       Ghulam Nabi ji… I am concerned with the fact that whoever takes over this post after Ghulam Nabi ji, he will face a lot of trouble in becoming a match to him because Ghulam Nabi ji used to care not only about his party but equally about the country and the House.

·       This is not a small thing; it is something very important. Otherwise, usually people want to dominate as the Leader of Opposition.

·       But he as well as Sharad Pawar ji are such leaders who have always given priority to the House and the country. Ghulam Nabi ji has done a commendable job!

·       I still remember that day when I had called a meeting of floor leaders during the Corona period; on the same day I had received a call from Ghulam Nabi ji.

·       “Modiji,  all this is fine, but please do one thing, call a meeting of all party leaders”, he said.

·       I really liked and appreciated the fact that he had suggested me to sit and discuss with the party leaders, all the party Presidents and I held that meeting.

·       I did it on the suggestion of Ghulam Nabi ji… and let me say this…. The root cause of such communication is the fact that he has had the experience of both the sides, I.e. the ruling party and also the opposition.