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PM’s address at the inauguration of Chauri Chaura Centenary Celebrations at Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

  • I bow down to Gorakhnath, the land of incarnation of Lord Shiva. This district is progressing well due to the blessings of Devraha Baba.
  • Today, I welcome and bow before the great people of Chauri Chaura, the land of Devraha Baba.
  • What happened in Chauri Chaura 100 years ago was not just an incident of arson or torching a police station.
  • The message of Chauri Chaura was very huge and encompassing. For many reasons, whenever it came to Chauri Chaura, it was seen in the context of a minor arson.
  • But the circumstances and reasons under which the arson took place are equally important. The police station was not only set on fire.
  • The fire had been raging in the hearts of the people. Every effort is commendable for the status that is being given to the historic struggle of Chauri Chaura in the history of the country today.
  • I congratulate Yogi ji and his entire team for this. A postage stamp has also been issued today on the centenary of Chauri Chaura. The programs will be held throughout the year beginning today.
  • In the meantime, the sacrifices of brave freedom fighters of every village, every region, along with Chauri Chaura will also be remembered.
  • When the country is heralding the 75th year of its independence this year, such an event makes it even more relevant.
  • Friends, Chauri Chaura was the spontaneous struggle of the common man of the country. Unfortunately, the martyrs of Chauri Chaura were not discussed in detail.
  • The martyrs and revolutionaries of this struggle may not have been given a prominent place in the pages of history,
  • But their blood for freedom has definitely been in the country’s soil, which always inspires us.
  • They belonged to different villages, different ages, different social backgrounds, but together they were the brave children of Mother Bharati.
  • There may be fewer instances in the freedom movement when 19 freedom fighters were hanged for one incident.
  • The British Empire was bent on hanging hundreds of freedom fighters. But about 150 people were saved from hanging due to the efforts of Baba Raghavdas and Mahamana Malaviya ji. Therefore, today is also the day to pay homage and remember Baba Raghavdas and Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviya ji.
  • Friends, I am happy that our students and youth are also being connected to this entire campaign through competitions. Our youth will know many unspoken aspects of history when they will study it.
  • The Ministry of Education of the Government of India has also invited young writers to write books on freedom fighters, events and papers on completion of 75 years of independence.
  • There are so many brave fighters of the ChauriChaura incident whose lives you can highlight before the country.
  • Efforts have been made to connect these programs of the centenary of ChauriChaura with local art, culture and self-reliance.
  • These efforts will also be our tribute to our freedom fighters. I also appreciate Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji and the UP government for this event.