Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

PM’s Statement after the Union Budget 2021-22

  • The budget for the year 2021 has been presented amidst exceptional circumstances. There is also a sense of reality and confidence of development in it. The influence that Corona created in the world has rocked the entire human race.
  • Amidst these circumstances, today’s Budget is going to put spotlight on India’s self-confidence. And at the same time, it will infuse a new confidence in the world.
  • Today’s Budget contains a vision of self-reliance as well as inclusiveness for every individual and class.
  • The budget has principles of new opportunities for growth, expansion of new opportunities, creation of new opportunities for the youth, a new dimension to human resources, development of new areas for infrastructure, move towards modernity and introduce new reforms.
  • Friends, This budget emphasizes on improving the ‘ease of living’ in the lives of the common people by simplifying rules and procedures.
  • This budget will bring several positive changes for individuals, investors, industry and the infrastructure sector.
  • I congratulate the country’s Finance Minister Nirmala ji, her colleague Anurag ji, and their team for this.
  • Friends, This was also one of the rare Budget speeches that elicited so many positive reactions from experts within 1-2 hours.
  • Many experts were assuming that the government would increase the burden on ordinary citizens in the wake of Corona, but keeping in view its obligations towards fiscal stability, the Government stressed on increasing the budget size.
  • Our government has made constant efforts that the budget should be transparent. I am happy that several experts have appreciated transparency in this budget.
  • Friends, India has always been pro-active instead of being reactive in this battle against Corona, whether it is the reforms undertaken during the Corona period or the resolution of Atmanirbhar Bharat.
  • In order to take forward this pro-activeness, there is no reactivity in today’s budget. At the same time.
  • We are not stuck with active and we have given a message of pro-activeness to the country by giving a pro-active budget also.
  • This budget is particularly focused on sectors which will spur both wealth and wellness. If there is a life, there will be a world.
  • It focuses on MSMEs and infrastructure in particular. Similarly, the way this budget focuses on healthcare is also unprecedented.