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PM’s address during webinar on effective implementation of Budget provisions in defence sector

  • As you all know that the Indian government holds webinars with the people of different fields after the budget presentation for its early implementation.
  • Discussions are going on how to make private companies a partner and draw a roadmap for implementing the budget.
  • I am happy that today I have got the opportunity to meet all the partners and stakeholders participating in the webinar organized by the Ministry of Defence. Many-many best wishes to all of you.
  • I think today’s dialogue is very important in terms of how India can become self-reliant in the defence sector.
  • It is very necessary that there should be information as well as brainstorming regarding the new prospects that have emerged in the defence sector following the budget and what should be the future direction.
  • We often see something scribbled in the places where our warriors are trained that the sweat shed during the period of peace prevents spilling of blood during the war.
  • That is, the precondition of peace is heroism, the precondition of heroism is capability and the precondition of capability is the early preparation and all the rest follow.
  • It is also said in our country: ‘’सहनशीलता, क्षमा, दया को तभी पूजता जग है,बल का दर्प चमकता उसके पीछे जब जगमग है’’
  • “Tolerance, forgiveness and mercy is worshipped by the world only when the plume of force shines behind it.”
  • Friends, India has a centuries-old experience of building weapons and military equipment. We had hundreds of ordnance factories before independence.
  • In both the world wars, weapons at large scale were exported from India. But, for many reasons.
  • This system has not been strengthened as much as it should have been after independence. The condition is such that we have to look for other countries even for small arms.
  • Today, India is one of the biggest defence importers in the world and it is not a matter of great pride.
  • It is not that the people of India do not have talent. It is not that the people of India do not have the capability.
  • You see, India was not making ventilators when the corona started. Today, India is making thousands of ventilators.
  • India, which has the capacity to reach Mars, could also develop modern weapons. But it was considered easy to import weapons.
  • And the nature of man is such that he accepts what is easy and which is easily found. In your home also you will find that you have been using so many foreign products for years.
  • The same thing has happened with defence. But now today’s India is working to change the situation.