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PM’s opening remarks at 6th Governing Council meeting of Niti Aayog

  • Namaskar, I welcome all of you to the Governing Council of NITI Aayog. The essence of the country’s progress is that the Centre and the states work together and move in a definite direction.
  • We have to make cooperative federalism more meaningful and try to take the competitive cooperative federalism down to the state and district level so that the competition for development continues and development remains a prime agenda.
  • We have brainstormed many times before on how to increase competition to take the country to a new height and even today it is natural that it will be emphasized in this summit.
  • We have seen how the entire country succeeded and a positive image about India was generated in the world when the state and the central governments worked together during the Corona period.
  • Friends, Now, when the country is going to complete 75 years of its independence, the meeting of this Governing Council assumes more importance.
  • I would also urge the states to create committees at district level by linking all the people of the society in their states for 75 years of independence.
  • A short while ago, there was a mention of points to be discussed in this meeting. These agenda points have been selected taking into account the country’s top priorities.
  • A new exercise was carried out to give adequate time of preparedness to the states before seeking suggestions from them on these agenda points.
  • This time a healthy workshop between Niti Aayog and all the principal officials of the states was held. We have tried to include all those points in that workshop in today’s meeting.
  • Therefore, there is a lot of improvement in the agenda as it has been made keeping in view the requirements of the states.
  • This time the agenda points of the Governing Council are very specific because of this process and will make our discussion more substantial.
  • Friends, In the last few years, we have seen that the opening of bank accounts towards empowering the poor of our country.
  • Increasing vaccination, increasing health care facilities, free electricity connections, free gas connections and free toilet construction schemes are showing an unprecedented change in their lives, especially in the lives of the poor.
  • The campaign to provide pucca roofs to every poor in the country is also progressing at a rapid pace. Some states are performing very well whereas some states also need to pick up momentum.
  • Since 2014, construction of more than 2.40 crore houses in villages and cities has been completed.
  • You know that a campaign is underway to build houses with modern technology in six cities of the country.
  • Within a month, the new technology will create new models in six cities of the country to build rapid and good quality houses.