Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

Salient points of PM addresses in the second meeting of the National Committee of ‘Gandhi@150’ commemorations

  • The world today is eager to know Gandhi and ready to accept him. Hence it becomes India’s responsibility to keep reminding the world of the abiding relevance of Mahatma and his vision.
  • The ‘Gandhi@150’ was not just a one year program. All citizens need to imbibe Gandhian thought and vision in their lives and take it ahead in the times to come.
  • The government commemorations of centenaries are held from time to time, the ‘Gandhi@150’ commemorations have become far more than an occasion.
  • It was a matter of pride for the country when, during the recently concluded 250th session of the Rajya Sabha, members were encouraged and came forward to speak in their local languages.
  • Even as we work to take Gandhi ji’s message global, we must work together to keep the Mahatma’s message relevant in a contemporary form for the common man across the country.
  • The Gandhi ji believed that by discharging one’s duties towards the nation and each other faithfully, a human being automatically ensures that the fundamental rights of others are secured.
  • If everyone walks on this path and faithfully discharges their duties diligently, India’s dreams will be fulfilled.