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Salient Points from PM’s Speech in Shri Siddhaganga Mutt, Karnataka

It is my good fortune that I am starting the year 2020 with this holy land of Tumkuru, among you all. I wish that this sacred energy of the Siddhaganga Math makes the life of all the citizens happy.

It is my good fortune that I got an opportunity to lay the foundation stone of the museum to be built in the memory of Sri Sri Shivakumar Ji. This museum will not only inspire people, but will also serve to give us direction at the level of society and country. I again pay obeisance to Pujya Swamiji at his feet.

The past year has brought those efforts of ours as a society, as a nation. Today, the country is proving to be free from open defecation. Pledge of freedom is being proved to the poor sisters of the country.

The resolve to connect every farmer family in the country with direct help, farm laborers, laborers, small traders with social security and pension like system is being proved.

The resolve to change the policy and practice of India against terrorism is also being proved. Removing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir to remove terror and uncertainty from life there is also proving to be the beginning of a new era of development led by the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

And amidst all this, the path to a grand temple at the birthplace of Lord Rama has also been paved with complete peace and cooperation.

It was our duty to help the refugees from Pakistan, to stand with them. It is our duty not to leave Hindus from Pakistan, Dalits, victims and the exploited to their destiny, help them.

It is our duty not to leave Sikhs from Pakistan to their destiny, help them. It is our duty not to leave Jains and Christians from Pakistan to their destiny, help them.

It is our priority to make the lives of the people of the country easy. Every poor in the country has a roof, every house has a gas connection, every house has water from pipes, every person has access to health facilities, every person has insurance cover, broadband in every village, many such We are working on goals.

Today I seek active support from Sant Samaj in 3 resolutions. First, we have to reinforce our archaic culture of giving importance to our duties and obligations, constantly awakening people about it. Second, protecting nature and the environment. And third, cooperation in public awareness for water conservation, water harvesting.

India has always viewed saints, sages, gurus as a lighthouse for the right path. In New India also, the role of every leadership of the country associated with Siddaganga Math, spirituality and faith is important.