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Salient Points from PM Speech at DRDO in Bengaluru, Karnataka

The suggestion of setting up 5 Labs in the field of Advanced Technologies has been taken seriously and today 5 such institutes are coming up in Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

The results from these labs will determine the intensity of our national effort for Advanced Technologies. These labs will help in shaping the nature of research and development in the field of emerging technologies in the country.

In the coming times, along with Air and Sea, Cyber ​​and Space will also decide the strategic dynamics of the world. In addition, intelligent machines are capable of playing an important role in future defence security mechanisms.

In such a situation, India cannot be left behind by anyone. Investment on future technology is also necessary and innovation is also necessary to protect its citizens, its borders and its interests.

DRDO’s innovations play a huge role in strengthening Make in India, promoting a Vibrant Defense Sector in the country.

Just this week, this week, the Chief of Defense Staff has also been appointed by the government. This CDS is going to bring a big change in itself. He is directly related to DRDO.

Years ago, there was a need that there should be such arrangement for jointness and synergy for better coordination between the three forces in India. This post was a commitment of our government to the country, which we have completed.