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PM’s speech at centenary celebrations of Visva-Bharati University

  • Friends, Visva-Bharati’s hundred-year-old journey is very special. Visva-Bharati is a true embodiment of Gurudev’s ideals, vision and hard work for Mother India.
  • For India, it is a kind of place of worship to give continuous energy to the country so as to make Gurudev’s dreams come true.
  • Visva-Bharati, that has been producing world-renowned lyricists-musicians, artists-litterateur, economists, sociologists, scientists and financial experts, is making new efforts for building a New India.
  • My sincere regards to every person who has raised this institution to this height; I congratulate them.
  • I am glad that Visva-Bharati, Sriniketan and Santiniketan are constantly striving to achieve the goals that Gurudev had set.
  • Visva-Bharati has always been lauded for its development work in the villages. The yoga department that you had started in 2015 is also growing in popularity rapidly.
  • Your university campus is an example of both living and studying with nature. You will also be delighted to see that our country is spreading the message emanating from Visva-Bharati to the whole world.
  • India is now playing a very important role in the world regarding environmental protection through International Solar Alliance.
  • Today India is the only major country in the world which is moving at a fast pace on the right path to achieve the environmental goals of Paris Accord.
  • Friends, Today, as we are celebrating 100 years of Visva-Bharati University, it is necessary to remember the circumstances that formed the basis of its establishment.
  • These circumstances did not arise only from British colonialism. It had hundreds of years of experience behind it and includes the backdrop of movements lasting hundreds of years.
  • Today, I am discussing this specifically with the scholars like you because it has not been talked about enough and has received very little attention.
  • Its discussion is also necessary because it is directly related to the goals of India’s freedom movement and Visva-Bharati.
  • Friends, When we talk of freedom struggle, directly the picture of ​​19th and 20th century comes in our minds. But it is also a fact that the foundation of these movements was laid long ago.
  • The freedom movement of India got energy from the various movements that had been going on since centuries. The Bhakti Movement strengthened the spiritual and cultural unity of India.
  • In the Bhakti era, our Saints, Mahants, Acharyas in every region of India and in every direction, east-west-north-south had made a continuous, uninterrupted effort to keep the consciousness of the country awake.