Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

PM’s Opening Remarks at the India-Finland Virtual Summit

  • I offer my heartfelt condolences on behalf of India for the loss of lives in Finland from COVID-19.
  • Under your leadership, Finland has efficiently handled this pandemic. I congratulate you for that.
  • Excellency, During this pandemic, India has taken care of its domestic front as well as the needs of the world.
  • Last year, we sent medicines and other essential materials to more than 150 countries. And, recently, we have supplied more than 58 million doses of vaccines made in India to about 70 countries.
  • I want to assure you that we will continue to support the entire humanity to our potential.
  • Excellency, Both Finland and India believe in a rules-based, transparent, humanist and democratic global order.
  • Both the countries have strong cooperation in areas like technology, innovation, clean energy, environment, education, etc.
  • All sectors will also be very important for global economic recovery in the post-COVID period.
  • Finland is a global leader in the field of clean energy, and is also an important partner in India.
  • And whenever you expressed concerns about the climate, I sometimes tell our friends jokingly that we have done so much injustice to nature and nature is so angry that today all of us human beings are being forced to hide our faces behind masks.
  • We have set ambitious goals for achieving climate objectives in India. In renewable energy, we have set a target of 450 GW installed capacity by 2030.
  • We have also taken initiatives such as the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) to enhance international cooperation.
  • I urge Finland to join ISA and CDRI. These international institutions will benefit greatly from the expertise of Finland.
  • Excellency, Finland also holds a leading position in the fields of new and emerging technologies, digital infrastructure, education and skill development.
  • We have the potential for cooperation in all these areas. I am happy that today we are declaring a new partnership in the fields of ICT, mobile technology and digital education.
  • Our Education Ministry is also launching a high level dialogue. I hope that today’s summit will further accelerate the development of India-Finland relations.
  • Excellency, This is our first meeting today. Wish we could meet in person. But since last one year, we are all becoming accustomed to meeting virtually with the help of technology.
  • But I am happy that we will soon have the opportunity to meet during the India-EU Summit in Portugal and the India-Nordic Summit in Denmark.
  • I also invite you to visit India. Please come to India whenever it is convenient for you. Let me conclude my opening remarks. We will discuss more in the next session.