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PM’s address at the inauguration of curtain raiser activities of the ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’

  • Today, when I left Delhi in the morning, it was a very wonderful coincidence. Ahead of the Amrit Festival, rains and Sun God graced the country’s capital.
  • It is the privilege of all of us that we are becoming witness to this historic period of independent India.
  • We are witnessing the history being created on the land of karma of Bapu on the anniversary of the Dandi Yatra today and also becoming a part of history.
  • Today is the first day of the Amrit Festival of Independence. Amrit Festival started today 75 weeks before August 15, 2022 and will continue till 15th August 2023.
  • It is believed in our country that when such an occasion comes, there is confluence of all the pilgrimages.
  • As a nation, it is like a solemn occasion. So many sacrosanct centres of our freedom struggle are being connected with the Sabarmati Ashram today.
  • This Amrit festival is starting today simultaneously at a number of places, including Andaman’s Cellular Jail, which salutes the apogee of the freedom struggle.
  • The land of Kekar Monying in Arunachal Pradesh, which is witness to the Anglo-Indian War, the August Kranti Maidan in Mumbai, Jallianwala Bagh in Punjab, and Meerut, Kakori and Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh.
  • It appears as if the countless struggles of freedom, innumerable sacrifices and the energy of legion atonements are being reawakened together all over India. I pay my floral tributes to Bapu on this sacred occasion.
  • I respectfully salute everybody who sacrificed his life for the freedom struggle and all the great personalities who led the country.
  • I also salute all the brave soldiers who, even after independence, kept the tradition of national security alive, made supreme sacrifices for the defence of the country and were martyred.
  • I also bow down to all those virtuous souls who have laid each and every brick of progress in the reconstruction of a free India and brought the country to the fore in 75 years.
  • Friends, When we imagine the period of servitude when millions of people waited for the dawn of independence for centuries, the realization grows as to how historic the occasion of 75 years of freedom is and how glorious it is.
  • The festival also has a tradition of eternal India, shadow of the freedom struggle, and the privileged progress of independent India.
  • Therefore, the presentation that has been put before you now has special emphasis on five pillars of the Amrit Festival.
  • These five pillars — Freedom Struggle, Ideas at 75, Achievements at 75, Actions at 75 and Resolves at 75 — will inspire the dreams and duties of a free India to move forward.
  • Based on these messages, the ‘Amrit Festival’ website as well as Charkha Abhiyan and Atmanirbhar incubator have also been launched today.