Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

PM’s address at the 18th Convocation of Tezpur University, Assam

  • Friends, There are many reasons for this trust. First, the historical place of Tezpur and the inspiration from its mythological history!
  • Secondly, the work you are doing at Tezpur University, which I am told, evokes a lot of enthusiasm.
  • Thirdly, not just me, but the country also has unwavering faith in the capabilities of eastern India, its people, its youth and their nation building efforts.
  • Friends, The spirit of the university anthem, which was sung before the distribution of awards and medals, salutes the great history of Tezpur.
  • I want to repeat a few lines because these have been written by Bharat Ratna Bhupen Hazarika ji, the pride of Assam.
  • He has written: अग्निगड़र स्थापत्य, कलियाभोमोरार सेतु निर्माण, ज्ञान ज्योतिर्मय, सेहि स्थानते बिराजिसे तेजपुर विश्वविद्यालय e.
  • Tezpur University is established where there is Agnigarh (fire fort), where there is Kolia Bhomora Setu (bridge), where there is a light of knowledge.
  • Bhupen Da has described so much in these three lines. The history of Agnigarh, which is associated with Prince Anirudha-Princess Usha, Lord Shri Krishna.
  • The vision of the great Ahom General Kalia Bhomora Phukan, the repository of knowledge, is the inspiration of Tezpur.
  • Along with Bhupen Da, great personalities like Jyoti Prasad Agarwala and Bishnu Prasad Rabha are the identities of Tezpur.
  • Since you have studied in their ‘karmabhoomi’, in their birthplace, and, therefore, it is natural that you feel proud and your life is bubbling with self-confidence. Friends, Our country is heralding 75 years of its independence this year.
  • Countless people from Assam have contributed to the country’s liberation from hundreds of years of servitude.
  • People at that time sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country, gave up their youth, now you have to live for a new India.
  • For a self-reliant India, and to make your life meaningful. From now till the completion of 100 years of India’s independence, these 25-26 years are also the golden years of your life.
  • Imagine the dreams of the young guy, the daughter who would be of your age during the period of 1920-21.
  • What were the things on their minds which they embraced and exhausted their life to achieve them?
  • Try to imagine what the people of your age used to do 100 years ago, then it will not take you time to think what you have to do.
  • It is a golden period for you. Spread the splendour of Tezpur all over India and across the world.