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PM’s address at land allotment certificates distribution ceremony in Sivasagar, Assam

  • I feel privileged to receive the blessings and lineament from my dear Assamese people. Your love and attachment pulls me towards Assam time and again.
  • In the recent past, I have had several occasions to visit various parts of Assam and talk to my brothers and sisters, and also opportunities to join them in the developmental work.
  • Last year, I attended the celebrations held after the historic Bodo Accord in Kokrajhar. Now I am here this time to attend such a big event related to the pride and security of the indigenous people of Assam.
  • I have come here to join you in your happiness. Today, our Government of Assam has done the exceptional work of alienating one of the biggest concern of your life.
  • With more than 1 lakh indigenous families getting the right to ownership of land, a very compelling concern of your life has been eliminated.
  • Brothers and Sisters, On this day, the three symbols of self-respect, independence and security are also in coming in unison in a way.
  • Firstly, trues sons of the soil of Assam, the indigenous people, have received legal protection to the land they own.
  • Secondly, the land of Jerenga plateau, the historic Sivasagar stands to witness this accomplishment.
  • This land stands testimony to the supreme sacrifice done by Mahasati Joymati for the future of Assam.
  • I bow to her indomitable courage and respectfully salute to this land. Given this importance of Sivasagar.
  • The government is taking necessary steps to include it in the 5 most Iconic Archaeological Sites of the country.
  • Brothers and sisters, Today, the country is also celebrating the 125th birth anniversary of our beloved and deeply revered Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.
  • The country has now decided to commemorate this day as PARAKRAM DIWAS- the day to celebrate might.
  • Remembrance of Netaji’s commitment towards upholding the self-respect and freedom of Mother India continues to inspire us.
  • Today on the occasion of Parakram Divas, many programs are also being announced across the country.
  • In a way, today is an opportunity to take inspiration and strive for the fulfilment of our national resolutions along with the fulfilment of expectations of the countrymen.
  • Friends, We are all flag-bearers of a culture where our earth, our land is not seen as just grass, soil, stone. Earth is the revered as our Mother.