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PM’s address at inauguration of Rashtriya Swachhata Kendra

  • Today is a historic day. This date i.e. 8th August played a crucial role in India’s freedom struggle. In the year 1942, on this day itself, a mass movement for independence was launched under Gandhiji’s leadership.
  • The slogan of ‘Quit India’ was raised against the British. On such a historic day, the launch of Rashtriya Swachhta Kendra near Rajghat is very relevant in itself.
  • This centre is a tribute of 130 crore Indians towards Bapu’s Swachhagraha. Friends, Pujya Bapu used to see the reflection of Swaraj in cleanliness.
  • He also considered sanitation to be a way of fulfilling the dream of Swaraj. I am delighted that the name of a modern monument dedicated to Bapu’s insistence on cleanliness and sanitation is now associated with Rajghat.
  • Friends,The Rashtriya Swachhta Kendra holds Gandhiji’s ideas of swachhagraha or cleanliness and the immense determination of the Indians dedicated to the same idea into one single place.
  • A short while back when I was inside this centre, looking at the efforts of crores of Indians, I felt like saluting them. The memories and the image of the journey started six years ago, from the ramparts of Red Fort flashed before my eyes.
  • Just like crores of friends have broken every boundary, crossed every limitation and have united in emulating the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan together, the same spirit has been incorporated in this centre.
  • In this centre, our journey of Swachhagraha with the inspiration of Satyagraha is depicted through modern technology. And I have also observed that the Swachhta robot has become very popular among the children who come here.
  • The robot talks to them just like a friend. Now, every person in the country and the world will experience the same connection with the ideals of sanitation and will frame a new image of India, drawing a new inspiration.
  • Friends, There cannot be a greater inspiration than Gandhiji for today’s world. The whole world is coming forward to adopt Gandhiji’s principles and philosophy.
  • Last year, when Gandhiji’s 150th birth anniversary was celebrated in a grand manner all over the world, it was unprecedented! Gandhiji’s favorite song, ‘Vaishnav jana to tene kahiye’ was sung by singers and musicians from many countries.
  • These people have created a record by singing this song in Indian language in such a beautiful way. Gandhiji’s teachings and ideals were remembered in the major countries of the world and a special event was organized at the United Nations headquarters.
  • Gandhiji seemed to have tied the whole world in a thread, in a single bond. Friends, The acceptance and popularity of Gandhiji is beyond time and place.
  • One of the reasons for this is his ability to bring unprecedented change through simple methods. Could anyone in the world have thought that the path to independence from a very powerful ruler could also be in cleanliness?
  • Gandhiji not only thought about it but also connected it with the spirit of freedom, making it a mass movement.