Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

PM’s address at foundation stone of Light House Projects (LHPs) under GHTC-India

  • Today is the auspicious inauguration of realizing the new resolutions at a fast pace with new energy.
  • Today, the country is going to get a new technology to build housesfor the poor and the middle class.
  • In technical parlance, you call it the Light House project. I believe these six projects are really like light towers.
  • These six light house projects would give a new direction to the housing construction in the country.
  • The coming together of states from the east-west, north-south and every region of the country is further strengthening our sense of cooperative federalism.
  • Friends, These Light House projects are now a perfect example of the country’s working practices.
  • We also have to understand the big vision behind it. At one time, housing schemes were not as much in the priority of the central governments as it should be.
  • The governments did not go on the nuances and quality of house construction. But we know how difficult it would have been if these changes were not made in the expansion of work.
  • Today, the country has chosen a different approach and adopted a different path. Friends, We have many things which continue to run without any procedural changes.
  • The housing issue has also been exactly the same. We resolved to change it. Why should our country not get better technology?
  • Why should our poor not get long-lasting good houses? Why can’t the houses be built quickly?
  • It is important for government ministries not to have bloated and sluggish structures, but should be agile and fit like Start-ups.
  • Therefore, we organised Global Housing Technology Challenge and invited leading companies from all over the world to India.
  • I am happy that more than 50 Innovative Construction Technologies from all over the world participated in the event.
  • With this global challenge, we have got the scope to innovate and incubate with new technology.
  • In the next phase of the same exercise, six Light House projects are now being started at different sites from today.
  • These light house projects will be constructed through modern technology and innovative processes.
  • This will reduce the construction time and prepare the more resilient, affordable and comfortable homes for the poor.
  • The experts are aware of it, but the countrymen also need to know about it. Because today this technology is being used in a city and the same can be expanded all over the country in future.
  • Friends, The houses that are being built in Indore will not have brick and mortar walls, but the pre-fabricated sandwich panel system will be used.
  • Monolithic concrete construction technology using tunnels will be used in Rajkot. This French technology will also give us momentum and make the houses more capable of withstanding disasters.
  • The houses in Chennai will be built through the precast concrete technology of the US and Finland, which will help build houses faster and cheaper.
  • The houses in Ranchi will be built using Germany’s 3D construction technology. Each room will be separately built and then the entire structure will be added as the Lego Blocks toys.