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PM’s address at foundation laying ceremony of the permanent campus of IIM Sambalpur, Odisha

  • Today, with the laying of the foundation stone of IIM campus, a new stone has also been laid to give new vigour to the youth potential of Odisha.
  • IIM Sambalpur’s permanent campus is going to give Odisha a new identity in the world of management along with the great culture and resources of Odisha.
  • This launch at the beginning of the New Year has doubled our happiness. Friends, In the last few decades, the country has seen a trend.
  • A large number of multi-nationals came here and grew from this land. This decade and the century belong to the creation of new multi-nationals in India.
  • This is the best period for India to showcase its potential in the world. Today’s Start-ups are the multi-nationals of tomorrow. And in which cities these Start-ups are mostly coming up?
  • The influence of these Start-ups can be seen in the cities which we usually call Tier-2 or Tier-3 cities.
  • Best managers are needed to take forward these Start-ups, the new companies formed by the Indian youth.
  • The management experts who are emerging from the new regions of the country and with new experiences will play a big role in giving new heights to Indian companies.
  • Friends, I was reading somewhere that India has created more Unicorns this year than in previous years despite the COVID crisis.
  • Today, the scope for Start-ups is constantly increasing due to the unprecedented reforms that are being carried out in the fields from agriculture to the space sector.
  • You have to prepare yourself for these new possibilities. You have to align your career with India’s hopes and expectations.
  • The responsibility to provide a new global identity to the Brand India is on all of us, especially on our youngsters.
  • Friends, IIM Sambalpur’s mission mantra is नवसर्जनम् शुचिता समावेशत्वम्। e., Innovation, Integrity and Inclusiveness. You have to display your management skills to the country with the power of this mantra.
  • Not only do you have to encourage new set-ups, but to emphasize inclusiveness; you have to take along with all who have been left behind in the race of development.
  • The place where IIM’s permanent campus is being built already has a medical university, an engineering university, three more universities, Sainik School and training institutes for CRPF and police.
  • Those who do not know much about Sambalpur can now imagine how big an education hub the region is going to become after the establishment of a prestigious institution like IIM.
  • The most important thing for IIM Sambalpur and students and professionals studying here would be that the entire area is like a practical lab for you in a way.
  • Nature wise, this place is so majestic, Odisha’s glory – the Hirakud Dam – is not far away from you.
  • The Debrigarh Sanctuary near the dam is special in itself, and there is also a sacred place in the middle of it where Veer Surendra Sai ji built his base.
  • In order to further enhance the tourism potential of this area, the students ‘ ideas and managerial skills can be very handy.