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PM’s address at centenary celebrations of Aligarh Muslim University

  • Today, all the people who have passed out from AMU are spread not only in the best places and institutions of India, but in hundreds of countries across the world.
  • I often meet the alumni of AMU during my trips abroad who proudly tell me that they have studied from AMU.
  • The alumni of AMU carry with them a unique style of jest and Sher-o-Shayari. They represent the culture of India, wherever they are in the world. Proud Aligs, this is what you say partners.
  • This is also the reason for your pride. In its hundred years of history, AMU has chiseled and carved out millions of lives, has given a modern and scientific temper.
  • It has evoked inspiration to do something for the society and the country. If I take the names of all, the time will probably be very short.
  • The identity of AMU, the basis of this recognition, is the values on which this institution has been established by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.
  • I also congratulate every student, teacher and professor who has served the country through AMU in these hundred years. Even during Corona crisis, the way AMU helped society is unprecedented.
  • Getting free tests for thousands of people, building isolation wards, creating plasma banks and contributing a huge amount to PM CARES Fund reflects the seriousness of fulfilling your obligations towards society.
  • Just a few days ago, I also received a letter from Chancellor Dr. Syedna Saheb. He has offered support at all levels in the vaccination drive.
  • India is today combating the global epidemic like corona successfully due to such concerted efforts of keeping the country’s interests paramount.
  • Friends, So many people tell me that AMU Campus is like a town in itself. A Mini India is also seen among many departments, dozens of hostels, thousands of teachers, professors and lakhs of students.
  • If on the one hand, Urdu is taught in AMU, then Hindi and Arabic is also taught. There is also a century-old institution of Sanskrit education.
  • If there is a manuscript of the Quran in the library, the translations of the Gita-Ramayana have also been preserved.
  • This diversity is not only the strength of a prestigious institution like AMU, but of the country also. Neither we have to forget this power, nor allow it to weaken.
  • We have to work together to strengthen the spirit of Ek Bharat – Shreshtha Bharat (One India – Best India) day-by-day.
  • Friends, In the past 100 years, AMU has also worked to strengthen India’s relations with many countries in the world.
  • The research on Urdu, Arabic and Persian languages and the research on Islamic literature provides new energy to India’s cultural relationship with the entire Islamic world. I am told that about one thousand foreign students are studying here now.
  • AMU also has the responsibility to see to it that these students carry with them the memories of what is good, best in the country and which is the strength of the country to their countries.
  • Because they would connect India’s identity as a nation on the basis of whatever things they experience in AMU. So, your institution has a double responsibility in a way. You have to enhance your respect and discharge your responsibility perfectly.
  • You have to refine the soft power of your university on the one hand, and continuously fulfill your obligation of nation building on the other.
  • I am sure everyone associated with AMU will move forward keeping in mind their duties. I would like to remind you of one thing that Sir Syed has said.
  • He said, “The first and foremost duty of those who worry about our country is to work for the welfare of all people, regardless of the caste, belief or religion of the people.”