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I would like to pay a tribute to the memory of the great patriot and nationalist in whose name this Foundation, which has organized this event, stands. Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee was a great educationist and played a remarkable role in the public affairs of India. And I think we were all, as a country and people, the poorer that he passed away at such a young age. He was the son of a
remarkable person and I must recall the great debt of 12 gratitude that my grandfather owed to Sir Asutosh [Mookerjee]. I think it was sometime in 1916 or 1917, as a young lawyer in Allahabad my
grandfather had cleared the LLM examination of the Allahabad University and he was in search of a subject for the thesis for LLD, he had decided, I think on the subject of Civil Conspiracy and was wondering whether that was an appropriate subject. Sir Asutosh came to his rescue and that stage he was judge of the Calcutta High Court and one of the most eminent jurists of his time and
beyond. And such was the grace of Sir Asutosh, when my grandfather sought a meeting with him he not only received him but he discussed the subject at length and encouraged him to write his thesis on the LLD exam on that subject and gave him books; it was a debt that my grandfather always recalled with gratitude.
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