Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

The Roaring Lion, Anchor of Economic Stability, Growing & Ageing Parties: a fortnightly perspective

By Dr. Anirban Ganguly

The Indian Lion’s leap and roar at the Hannover Messe and the Prime Minister’s voice pointing out that “Lions are a symbol of new India” has caught the imagination of the world and generated and strengthened a renewed interest in India.

Terming the “Make in India” programme as a “new national movement”, Prime Minister Modi has taken the entire initiative to a next dynamic stage and imparted it a new dimension of energy and vision. It was heartening to see the energy, the precision, the interest with which the Prime Minister was himself showcasing India, India’s potential and her capabilities to the world and inviting the global community to repose faith in India and in the new vision that is being now worked out in the country.

Prime Minister’s call to do business in India goes much beyond the routine profits and benefits of the call – he sees in such a call an opportunity to create and turn India into an “anchor of economic stability; and engine for growth” and to develop her as a “force of peace and stability in world.”

Prime Minister’s visit to France was equally eventful and successful, not only has France emerged as an anchor of India’s friendship in Europe she has also risen as a front-ranking partner in India’s fight against the scourge of terrorism. The Rafael episode is finally over and through his push Prime Minister has helped infuse a great enthusiasm and energy into the forces tasked to protect our Motherland. In his seminal and moving address at the UNESCO, Prime Minister spoke of the collective goal of humanity in which India has begun to play a crucial role, his following words are especially memorable, “Our collective goal is to seek a peaceful and prosperous future for our world, in which every Nation has a voice; all people have an identity; all cultures are flowers in a garden; every human being has a life of dignity; every child a future of opportunity; and our planet the chance to preserve its glory.” Having paid his tributes to Sri Aurobindo, Prime Minister talked of working for “diversity of civilizations and autonomy of culture.” It is evident, as reports have indicated from Germany, that the world is taking a renewed interest in India and is responding to the resounding call of converging on our youthful country and partake of its effort for progress, performance and prosperity.

The episode on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose has left a deeply negative feeling in the psyche of the nation – especially to know that a Congress stalwart could and did stoop so low to try and sully the legacy of this most heroic son of Mother India. It is a great solace to know that Prime Minister has taken cognizance of the entire episode. Unfortunately the Congress has treated all its stalwarts in a shabby and neglected manner – the exception has always been for those who have came from a particular dynasty.

While the BJP has emerged as the largest political party in the world – with a membership of over 9 crore, 85 lakh – through a well-coordinated, well-strategized and energetic pan-India membership drive, there is another party, the CPIM, which is holding its 21st party congress and in the midst of a confused dialectical battle, it is shrinking and is also fast ageing with no members forthcoming from among the new generations. And yet, surprisingly, it never tires of hallucinating and of talking of launching a new national movement. Those days are gone, the only national movement now is the BJP and the future of India lies in an evolving nationalist political discourse which, being aware of our civilisational philosophy, shall work to evolve, as the Prime Minister said, “a modern state in an ancient land.”