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Salient points of Press Statement by PM Modi’s following the 8th BRICS Summit

• Through common vision and collective action, we will create and sustain deeper bonds among BRICS nations

• We have just concluded the eighth BRICS Summit. Honour to welcome the BRICS leaders to the beautiful state of Goa

• Our discussions that spread over three sessions today were detailed substantive and productive

• In order to further bridge the gap in the global financial architecture, we agreed to fast track the setting up of a BRICS Rating Agency

• Happy to share that we have adopted the Goa Declaration that lays down a comprehensive vision for our cooperation

• Unanimous in recognizing threat that terror, extremism & radicalization present to regional & global peace, stability & economic prosperity

• We recognized the positive contribution of BRICS countries to global economic growth after the 2008 financial crisis

• We feel that it is necessary for economies to make public investments in long term infrastructure projects, coordinate macro-economic policy, drive growth, and promote world trade and manufacturing with renewed vigour

• We agreed to focus on institution building within the BRICS as an effective way to pursue our development agenda

• The vitality of people-to-people contacts among the BRICS countries has been a point of emphasis for us

• As home to nearly two third of humanity, BRICS and BIMSTEC together can potentially unlock immense synergies with huge benefits for all our people