Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

Salient Points of PM Narendra Modi’s speech at the foundation stone laying ceremony of Greenfield Airport for Rajkot, Gujarat on 07 Oct, 2017

Who imagined in this district that an airport will come? Is this not development? Is this kind of development not needed…such development works will empower citizens

The definition of development is changing. Earlier, a hand pump would be put and a leader would use that for multiple elections. Things have changed now. We are bringing waters of the Narmada here, for the benefit of citizens

If there is one district that stands to gain maximum from waters of the Narmada it is Surendranagar

Aviation cannot be about rich people. We have made aviation affordable and within reach of the lesser privileged

Sursagar Dairy will be ‘SukhSagar’ for people of this region. How can we forget how previous Governments in Gujarat did not allow dairy sector to grow in Saurashtra. We had the opportunity to change that and promote dairies

The roads here (in Surendranagar district) were accident prone. It was Keshubhai Patel who worked towards making better roads and making them safer

Water has always been important for Gujarat. Now that water is widely being made available, let us use it responsibly and conserve every drop of water