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Salient Points of PM Modi’s speech at foundation stone laying ceremony of Kedarpuri Reconstruction Projects in Kedarnath on 20 Oct, 2017

देवभूमि उत्तराखंड का सभी भाई-बहनों ते मेरा सादर नमस्‍कार। बाबा केदार को आशीर्वाद सबु पर बनियो रहो, इन्‍ही कामना छै।

फिर एक बार बाबा ने मुझे बुलाया है। फिर एक बार खिंचता चला आया बाबा के चरणों में। आज फिर पुराने लोग मिल गए मुझे। उन्‍होंने जो कुछ मेरे विषय में सुना होगा, वो आज मुझे पुन: स्‍मरण करा रहे थे।

I am happy to be in Kedarnath, a day after Diwali.

Today, Gujaratis are celebrating the start of a New Year.

I convey my greetings to everyone around the world who mark the start of Nutan Varsh

Jan Seva is Prabhu Seva.

From this holy land of Kedarnath, I seek the blessings of Bhole Baba and pledge to devote myself fully to realising the dream of a developed India by the time we mark 75 years of freedom in 2022

The floods of 2013 had made all of us extremely sad.

That time I was not the Prime Minister, I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

I came here to do all that I could for victims.

Through the work we are doing in Kedarnath, we want to show how an ideal ‘Tirth Kshetra’ should be, how it should be pilgrim friendly and the wellbeing of the priests should be given importance

We are building quality infrastructure in Kedarnath.

It will be modern but the traditional ethos will be preserved. We will ensure the environment is not damaged

The Himalayas have so much to offer- for spiritual pursuits, for the nature lover, for those interested in adventure, water sports.

I invite everyone to come and explore the Himalayas