Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

Salient Points of PM Modi’s Banquet Speech during his visit to Japan on 11th Nov, 2016

  • The people of India have long hailed the dedication and dynamism; vigour and vitality; and achievements of the Japanese people.
  • There is much to learn and absorb from Japan’s experience. India and Japan have long enjoyed close and friendly ties.
  • Our societies share deep linkages rooted in the thought streams of hinduism and buddhism. We both value the need to maintain balance between economic growth and preserving our civilizational ethos.
  • There is also a lot that we can do together as close partners, not just for the benefit of our societies, but also for the region and the whole world.
  • Our capacities could also combine to respond to both, the opportunities and challenges that we jointly face in present times. And, together with the global community we can, and we must, combat the rising threats of radicalization, extremism and terrorism.
  • Japan has always been a valuable partner in India’s journey to economic prosperity, infrastructure development, capacity building and technology advancement.
  • Without doubt, our destinies are interlinked. The ocean waters of the Indo-Pacific that lap the coast of Japan also form the surf that breaks on the shores of India. Let us work together for peace, prosperity and development.