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Salient Points of PM Modi’s address on the occasion of Chartered Accountants’ Day on 01 Jul, 2017

  • The CA community looks after the economic health of society.
  • A country where a select few loot, such a nation cannot scale new heights. These select few never want the nation to grow
  • Our Government has taken a tough stand against those who have looted the nation
  • On one hand, there is a Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and there is a movement to clean the nation from the menace of corruption
  • I am fully aware of the fact that eliminating fake companies and taking action against black money can be politically incorrect and pose a risk to any political party. But someone has to take such tough decisions for the sake of the country.
  • Those who have looted the poor will have to give back what they have looted
  • My Chartered Accountant friends, I have come here on the occasion of the Foundation day of your institute. I want to ask you a light question. The power to keep the account right lies with you.
  • We will always remember how the community of professionals took a lead during the freedom struggle of India
  • Like the lawyers did during the freedom struggle, I urge the CAs to take the lead in the journey towards India’s economic growth
  • Instead of referring to more data, I want to put my thoughts before you. CA brothers, a person or a client pays taxes only when the environment around him is conducive which motivates him to pay the taxes honestly. If he sees that the advisor himself is asking him to hide the truth then he will boldly traverse the wrong path.
  • Thus it is equally important to identify such wrong advisors and take strict actions against them. And for that you also have to take tough steps. CA is an arrangement in which Human Resource Development (HR) is done only by you. Curriculum is made by you only; you conduct the exam; Rules and Regulations are also made by you, and your institute only punishes the culprits.
  • Your signature carries immense faith, please do not break that trust that is placed on you
  • Friends, Chartered Accountants are like ambassadors of any country’s economic system. Your work is like that of an interface between the government and the tax-paying companies and individuals. Your signature is more powerful than that of a Prime Minister.
  • The money collected through taxes is being used for those brave soldiers who risk their lives on the border to protect us.
  • People talk of the big 4 accounting firms. Sadly, there is no Indian firm there. By 2022, let us have a big 8, where 4 firms are Indian
  • You have huge responsibility in fulfilling the dreams of a common man of this country; you can play an important role in it.