Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

Salient Points of PM Modi’s address at the India Today Conclave, via video conference on 18 Mar, 2017

  • Earlier decisions were election driven or based on set notions of officials. This has changed now.
  • Technology has changed so much. We have to keep pace with the aspirations of the youth.
  • Like the freedom movement, we need a movement for development, where collective aspirations propel growth of the nation
  • We have focused on time bound implementation & integrated thinking. Our processes are citizen friendly
  • India’s economy is being transformed and manufacturing sector is getting a strong impetus
  • We believe in cooperative federalism. And see the GST process for instance. It showed what deliberative democracy is about
  • The manner in which the GST was achieved is as important as the GST itself. States have taken ownership of this
  • Why do small shops have to shut early? Why can’t the small shopkeeper keep his or her shop open for longer hours.
  • We brought changes to ensure shopkeepers can keep shops open longer and this gives better economic opportunities to them
  • Bigger than the strength of the Government is the Jan Shakti
  • We have begun work on electrifying villages that did not receive electricity for so many years after Independence
  • And, the work on village electrification has been going on with immense transparency
  • By merging Railway Budget with General Budget we have ensured faster growth of not only the railways but also overall transport sector
  • Our focus is next generation infrastructure. Significant resources have been devoted to the railway and road sector
  • Speed of work in the railway and the road sector is progressing at a very quick pace
  • Addition of optical fibres is happening at a very quick pace and that too in rural areas
  • In the health sector, work is on at a quick place. A roadmap has been prepared to make healthcare accessible to the nation
  • New India is not about Upkaar but about Avsar. It is about opportunity for all