Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

Salient Points of PM Modi’s address at the inauguration of the Wadhwani Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Mumbai on 18 Feb, 2018

This institute is a prime example of how the public sector and the private sector, can combine with good intention, to build a world-class institute, aimed at benefiting the poor

With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, Bots and Robots, there is no doubt that our productivity will further go up. But, there are also rising fears of human redundancy because there is a competition between the mind and the machine

Technology opens entirely new spheres and sectors for growth, It also opens up an entirely new paradigm of opportunities. With each wave of new technology, many new opportunities arise

Can we take the global lead on creating Artificial Intelligence that is less about making humans redundant and more about enhancing human abilities and expanding human capacities

The march of Technology cannot be at the expense of further increasing the difference between societies over access to technology. The evolution of Technology has to be rooted in the ethic of SabkaSaath, SabkaVikas

We need to Make Artificial Intelligence in India and Make Artificial Intelligence work for India! I would urge all of you to identify the grand challenges that Artificial Intelligence can solve for India

Our Government is of the firm belief, that we can use this power of twenty-first century technology to eradicate poverty and disease. In doing so we can bring prosperity to our poor and under-privileged sections