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Salient Points of PM Modi’s address at Auroville Foundation, Puducherry on 25 Feb, 2018

It is important today to remember the vast extent of action and thought of Shri Aurobindo. A man of action, a philosopher, a poet, there were so many facets to his character. And each of them was dedicated to the good of the nation and humanity

Auroville has brought together men and women, young and old, cutting across boundaries and identities. I understand that Auroville’s Charter was hand-written in French by the Divine Mother herself. According to the Charter, the Mother set five high principles for Auroville

Maharishi Aurobindo’s philosophy of Consciousness integrates not just humans, but the entire universe. This matches with the ancient saying: “ईशावास्यम इदम सर्वम्.” This has been translated by Mahatma Gandhi to mean “everything down to the tiniest atom is divine”

As the world progresses materially through science and technology, it will increasingly long for and need spiritual orientation for social order and stability.

At Auroville, the material and the spiritual, co-exist in harmony

The fact that Auroville has brought together such huge diversity of people and ideas makes dialogue and debate natural. Indian society is fundamentally diverse.

It has fostered dialogue & a philosophic tradition. Auroville show-cases this ancient Indian tradition to the world

India has always allowed mutual respect & co-existence of different religions and cultures.

India is home to the age old tradition of Gurukul, where learning is not confined to classrooms. Auroville too has developed as a place of un-ending and life-long education