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Salient Points of Press Statement by PM during his visit to France

First of all, I express my heartfelt thanks to my close friend President Macron. He welcomed me and my delegation to this historic heritage site with a very grand and very affectionate welcome.

This is a memorable moment for me. President Macron’s invitation to the G7 Summit is an example of the strategic partnership between India and France and his friendly gesture towards me.

Today we had very detailed discussions and the agenda of the G7 Summit, which is headed by France, should be a complete success and it is India’s resolve to extend the cooperation that is expected from India in this regard.

Be it biodiversity, climate change, or the issues of cooling and gas, for centuries India has been advocating to live in a cultured way with traditions and in harmony with the nature. Destruction of nature can never be beneficial for human welfare and when it is the theme of this G7 Summit then it is a moment of even more happiness for India.


India and France have centuries old relations. Our friendship is not based on any selfish reasons but on the solid ideals of ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.’

This is the reason why India and France have shoulder to shoulder protected freedom and democracy and combated fascism and extremism.

The sacrifice of thousands of Indian soldiers during the First World War is still remembered in France.

Today France and India stand firmly together to face the challenges of terrorism, climate change, environment and inclusive development of technology. Both our countries have not only spoken about good things, but we have also taken concrete steps. International Solar Alliance is one such successful initiative of India and France.