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Salient points of PM’s opening remarks at the Namaste Trump event in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

  • Today a new history is being created at Motera Stadium. Today we are also a witness to the history repeating itself. Five months ago, I started my US trip with the Howdy Modi programme in Houston and today my friend President Donald Trump is embarking upon his historic India tour with ‘Namaste Trump’ in Ahmedabad.
  • Just imagine! He has arrived here directly from America. After landing in India, after such a long journey, President Trump and his family went directly to the Sabarmati Ashram and then came here for the event.
  • We extend a very warm welcome from the bottom of our hearts to you in the world’s largest democracy. This land belongs to Gujarat, but the enthusiasm for welcoming you is across entire India. This enthusiasm, this voice reverberating in the sky, this entire atmosphere from the airport to the stadium is a reflection of the colour of Indian diversity. And amidst everything the presence of President Trump,
  • First Lady Melania Trump, Ivanka and Jared, is indeed a privilege. President Trump’s arrival here with his family is giving India-US relations a family-like sweetness and intimacy. India-USA Relations are no longer just another partnership;
  • it is much more than that and even a closer relationship. The name of this programme – ‘Namaste’ has a very deep meaning. It is a word in Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages ​​in the world. It is a feeling that we salute not only the person but also the divinity within him. I congratulate the people of Gujarat as well as the people of other states living in Gujarat for such a grand function.
  • Mr President and friends, today you are on the land where 5 thousand years old planned city Dholavira used to exist as also the Lothal sea port that was equally old.
  • Today you are on the banks of the Sabarmati River which has been an important place during India’s independence. Today you are in that India with diversity where hundreds of languages ​​are spoken. There are hundreds of different types of clothing, food, creeds and communities.
  • Our Rich Diversity, the Unity in Diversity and the Vibrancy of Unity is the very basis for the strong relationship between India and America. One is Land of the Free, while the other considers the whole world as one family.
  • One is proud of the Statue of Liberty, the other is proud of the Statue of Unity of Sardar Patel, the tallest statue in the world. There is so much that we share: Shared Values ​​and Ideals, Shared Spirit of Enterprise and Innovation, Shared Opportunities and Challenges, Shared Hopes and Aspirations. I am glad that the friendship of India and America has deepened under the leadership of President Trump and therefore this visit of President Trump is a new chapter in the relations between India and America.
  • It is a chapter that will become a new document of progress and prosperity for the people of America and India.
  • President Trump thinks very big and the world is well aware of what he has done to make the American Dream come true. Today we welcome and greet the entire Trump family! First lady Melania Trump, it is a great honour for us to have you here. Whatever you have done for a Healthy and Happy America are producing good results.
  • Whatever you are doing for the children of the society is commendable! You always say – Be the Best! You must have felt the same sentiment of the people in today’s welcome event. Ivanka had come to India two years ago, when she had said that she would like to come to India again. I’m glad you are amidst us again today,
  • welcome! And Jared! Your specialty is that you stay away from limelight but the work you do has a lot of effect; it has a far-reaching impact. Whenever I have got the opportunity to meet you, you have kept discussing about your Indian friends. I am very delighted to meet you here today.
  • Today every Indian as well as the whole world including America wants to listen to President Trump from this platform. After his address, I will definitely tell you more things thanking him.
  • I invite President Trump on behalf of the 130 crore Indians. Friends, I present to you my friend, India’s friend the President of the United States of America- Mr. Donald Trump.