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Salient Points of PM’s “Mann Ki Baat” programme on All India Radio on 27 May, 2018

Sense of Adventure कौन नहीं जानता है | अगर हम मानव जाति की विकास यात्रा देखें तो किसी-न-किसी Adventure की कोख में ही प्रगति पैदा हुई है | विकास Adventure की गोद में ही तो जन्म लेता है

A sense of adventure inspires people to do great things. In the recent weeks, several people scaled Everest and made us proud.

On the 16th of May, a team comprising five tribal students of an Ashram School in Chandrapur, Maharashtra- Maneesha Dhurve, Pramesh Ale, Umakant Madhavi, Kavidas Katmode and Vikas Soyam- scaled the world’s highest peak.

These Ashram School students began training in August, 2017, covering Wardha, Hyderabad, Darjeeling and Leh-Ladakh. These young boys & girls had been selected under ‘Mission Shaurya’.

A few days ago, under the ‘Clean Ganga Campaign’, a group from the BSF Scaled the Everest and while returning, removed loads of trash littered there and brought it down. This deed is commendable indeed

My dear countrymen, especially my young friends, just a couple of months ago, when I mentioned ‘Fit India’, I did not think it would draw such a good response; that a large number of people would come forward to support it.

My dear countrymen, many a time in ‘Mann Ki Baat’, you must have heard me mention a thing or two about sports & sportspersons. And in the last episode, our heroes of the Commonwealth Games shared with us their ‘Mann Ki Baat’, matters close to their hearts through this programme.

It is a matter of concern, whether these sports & games will fade away to the point of extinction. It will not just be a loss of a game; it will be the loss of the spirit of childhood, something that will exist only in the verses of poetry.

Aiming the ball at the crooked column of stone slats- Pitthoo, playing marbles, testing one’s agility in Kho kho, spinning the top, Lattoo, or applying skills in swiftly flicking the tapered- edged wooden peg and hitting it aloft-Gilli-Danda, innumerable games were an inseparable part of each & every child’s life from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Kutch to Kamrup.

My dear countrymen, on the 5th of June, our nation, India will officially host the World Environment Day Celebrations. This is a very important achievement for India and it is also an acknowledgement as well as recognition of India’s growing leadership in the direction of tackling climate change.

Whenever we face a torrid summer, or floods, incessant rains or unbearable cold, everybody becomes an expert, analyzing global warming and climate change. But does empty talk bring about any solutions? Being sensitive towards nature, protecting nature, should come naturally to us; these virtues should be embedded in our sanskar.

In the past few weeks, we all witnessed that there were dust storms in the different regions of the country, along with heavy winds and unseasonal heavy rains. There was also loss of life and property. These calamities are basically the result of the change in weather patterns. Our culture, our traditions have never taught us to be at loggerheads with nature.

Yoga for unity and a harmonious society conveys a message that has permeated the world over. Centuries ago, the great Sanskrit Poet Bhartahari had written in his ‘Shataktrayam’.


[A man whose father is patience, mother is forgiveness and peace as consort, Truth as his friend, compassion as his sister and restraint for brother as family members and whose bed is the great earth, is clothed by the great sky and whose food is only knowledge. Is indeed a Yogi who won’t know any fear.]