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Salient Points of PM’s addresses prayer meeting in memory of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Atal Ji’s was a life for the people of India.

In his youth itself he decided that he wants to serve his fellow Indians.

He entered politics when only one party held sway over the political discourse.

Atal Ji’s efforts ensured Indian became a nuclear power. He attributed the tests of 11th May 1998 to the brilliance of our scientists. Two days later, India tested again & showed what a strong political leadership can do. He never buckled under pressure. He was Atal after all.

Atal Ji as PM created three states, which are prospering. The process of creating these states was peaceful and without bitterness.

When Atal Ji formed the Government for 13 days, no party was willing to support him. The Government fell. He did not lose hope and remained committed to serving the people.

Atal Ji showed the way when it came to coalition politics.

When some were cornering India on the Kashmir issue, it was Vajpayee Ji who changed the narrative.

Due to Vajpayee ji, terrorism became an important issue at the world stage.