Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

Salient Points of PM’s address to the Indian Community in Bahrain

My visit to Bahrain may be as the head of the government, as the Prime Minister, but my aim is to meet the Indians settled here and communicate with millions of Bahraini friends. Today is the holy festival of Janmashtami. I have been told that there is still the tradition of narrating Krishna Katha on Janmashtami in the Gulf region. Tomorrow I will visit Shrinathji’s temple and pray for the prosperity and peace of all of you and your host country


I know how you and the devotees from India celebrated this occasion with reverence and gaiety. It is also a matter of happiness that tomorrow the redevelopment work of this temple will also be formally started

You have made a place for yourself here with your hard work. We have to strengthen this Goodwill. Whenever I hear the praise of the Indian colleagues of the government here, the business people here, the people who settled here, the colleagues working here, my heart is filled with happiness

Our goals are high, but when you have the arms of 130 crore people, you get encouragement. India is moving forward today, not only with the efforts of the government, but with the participation of crores of Indians. Government is at the steering only, it is the people of the country who are pressing the accelerator

I am glad that you will be able to transact in Bahrain soon with RuPay card. Today there is a MoU signed for use of RuPay card. Our intention is to provide you the facility to send money to your home in India through RuPay Card. Now you will be able to say that Bahrain – Pay with RuPay

Let India and Bahrain work together towards our shared values and interests. India and Bahrain are modern nations with ancient civilisation. Both have immense potential. I have full confidence that my fellow Indians at Bahrain will strengthen this bond of relationship and possibilities to take India- Bahrain to new heights