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Salient Points of PM’s address to nation following SC verdict on Ayodhya

Today, the Hon’ble Supreme Court has given its verdict on a very important issue, which has a history of several years.

The entire country desired that this matter be heard in the court daily. That is exactly what happened and the outcome of which is today’s verdict. The judicial process that has spanned decades has concluded today.



It is globally known that India is the world’s largest democracy. Today, the world has also known how vibrant and strong our democracy is.


After today’s verdict the manner in which every section of society, every community, every religion, the entire nation embraced the verdict with open arms. This is a manifestation of India’s age old ethos, culture, traditions as well as our inherent spirit of brotherhood.

Brothers and sisters,


The virtues for which India is known- Unity in Diversity; this spirit is clearly visible today. Even after thousands of years, if somebody wishes to understand India’s ethos of unity in diversity, today would be referred as a classic example.



Today is a golden day even in the history of this India’s judiciary.

During the course of the hearings (on Ayodhya), the Honorable Supreme Court heard everyone with much patience and it is after that that the Court gave a unanimous verdict.


This is not a very simple thing.


Today is a historic day. It is the beginning of a golden era for the Judiciary of the country. The judgement was unanimous and was courageous. Supreme Court has shown grit and determination in this verdict. Our Judiciary needs a special appreciation.




Today is the 9th of November.


It was on this date that the Berlin Wall collapsed.

Two different streams of thought came together and took a new pledge.

Today, on 9th November, the Kartarpur corridor has begun. India and Pakistan made a coordinated effort for this corridor.


Today the 9th November the judgment of the SC is giving us a message of staying united and getting together and living together. There should not be any ill feeling in anybody.

If there is even a trace of bitterness in anyone’s mind, it is time to bid farewell to such a spirit.

In New India, there is no place for fear, bitterness and negativity.



With today’s verdict, the Honourable Supreme Court has given a message that even the toughest issues can be resolved within the framework of the Constitution and in spirit of the laws.

We should learn from this verdict that even if there is some delay, we should remain patient. This is in everyone’s interest.


In every situation, our faith in India’s constitution, India’s judicial system must remain unwavering. This is very important.