Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

Salient Points of PM’s address at the Global Mobility Summit-MOVE

Indeed, India is on the MOVE:

Our economy is on the MOVE. We are the world’s fastest growing major economy

Our cities and towns are on the MOVE. We are building 100 smart cities

Our infrastructure is on the MOVE. We are speedily building roads, airports, rail lines & ports

Our goods are on the MOVE. GST has helped us rationalize supply chains & warehouse networks.

Our reforms are on the MOVE. We have made India an easier place to do business.

Our lives are on the MOVE. Families are getting homes, toilets, LPG cylinders, bank accounts & loans

Our youth are on the MOVE. We are fast emerging as the start-up hub of the world.

India is MOVING ahead with new energy, urgency and purpose

Mobility is a key driver of the economy.

Better mobility reduces the burden of travel and transportation, and can boost economic growth.

It is already a major employer and can create the next generation of jobs

We have doubled our pace of construction of highways.

We have re-energized our rural road building programme.

We are promoting fuel efficient and cleaner fuel vehicles.

We have developed low-cost air connectivity in under-served regions

My vision for the future of mobility in India is based on 7 C’s:








Common Public Transport must be the cornerstone of our mobility initiatives.

New business models driven by digitization, are reinventing the existing paradigm.

Our focus must also go beyond cars, to other vehicles such as scooters and rickshaws