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Salient Points of PM Modi’s remarks ahead of Monsoon Session of Parliament

This is the first session after the elections and the formation of new Lok Sabha. This is an opportunity to introduce new colleagues and when new colleagues join, then new aspirations, new zeal and new dreams too are associated with them. What makes Indian democracy so special?

We realize the special features and strength of the Indian democracy during every election. This time in Parliamentary election we have seen the maximum percentage of voting and the maximum number of women representatives since independence. More number of women had voted this time as compared to earlier occasions.

This election had been full of several unique features. After several decades, a government has been given the opportunity to serve the public with absolute majority for the second consecutive time and with more number of seats than before.

During the last five years we have seen that, whenever the House was in session and had run in a healthy environment, the decisions for the welfare of the nation had also been very good.

On the basis of those experiences I hope and I believe that all the parties will hold discussions, debates and take decisions in public interest and take steps for fulfilling the aspirations of the people in the best possible way.

We had started our journey of ‘SabkaSathSabkaVikas’; but the people of the country have added an amazing ‘faith’ or ‘Viswas’ to that ‘SabkaSathSabkaVikas’. And with that faith we will definitely put our best efforts to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the common man.

We will certainly fulfil those expectations but you all can play a positive role in strengthening this spirit over the next five years.

If you play a positive role and spread positive thoughts then everyone would be inclined towards positivity.

Therefore, I invite you all to move together towards new zeal, new faith, new resolution and new dreams during the 17th Lok Sabha. Let us leave no stone unturned in fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the common man. With this belief, thank you all!