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Salient Points of PM Modi’s address in 50th episode of Mann Ki Baat on 25 Nov, 2018

‘मन की बात’ सरकारी बात नहीं है – यह समाज की बात है

भारत का मूल-प्राण राजनीति नहीं है, भारत का मूल-प्राण राजशक्ति भी नहीं है |

भारत का मूल-प्राण समाजनीति है और समाज-शक्ति है |

When it comes to youngsters- accept rather than expect

It is a good thing our youth are asking questions.

Youngsters from India are excelling in various fields.

Tributes to the makers of the Constitution.

The working of the Constituent Assembly gives us lessons in time management and productivity.