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Salient Points of PM addresses the Indian community event ‘Howdy Modi’ at Houston

Howdy my friends,

This scene, this atmosphere is just unimaginable. And when it comes to Texas then everything has to be big and grand, this is ingrained in the nature of Texas.

Today the spirit of Texas is also being reflected here. The presence of this humongous crowd is not just limited to arithmetic, today we are witnessing a history in the making here and even chemistry too.

This energy here in the NRG is a witness to the growing synergy between India and America.

Whether it is the presence of President Trump here or the presence of many elected representatives of the great democracy of America be they Republicans or Democrats, their presence here and praising India, lauding me, congratulating me, what Steny Hoyer, Senator Cornyn, Senator Cruz and other friends have said about progress of India and praised us, it is honoring the capabilities of Indians in America and their achievements.

This is reverence for 1.3 billion Indians. Other than the elected representatives there are many other American friends who are present in this program today. On behalf of every Indian I would like to extend a hearty welcome to them also.

I also congratulate the organizers of this event. I have been told that a large number of people had registered for this but due to lack of space, thousands of people could not come here. I personally apologize to those who could not come here.

I would also express my deep appreciation to the Houston and Texas administration, who handled the situation and streamlined the arrangements in such a short time after a sudden change of weather two days ago, and as President Trump was saying, they proved that Houston is strong.


The name of this program is Howdy Modi, but Modi alone is nothing. I am an ordinary person working as per the wishes of 130 crore Indians. And so when you have asked Howdy Modi, then my heart says the answer to that really is- All is well in India. Sob khoob bhalo (Bengali) , Antaa baagundi (Telugu), Ellaam sowkkiyam (Tamil), Ellam Saukhyam ( Malayalam), Sab Changaa see (Punjabi), Badha Ja Majama Chhe (Gujarati)


Our American friends must be wondering what I have said. President Trump and my American friends, I have said only this much – Everything is fine but in some different languages ​​of India.

Our languages are a great identity of our Liberal and Democratic Society. For centuries hundreds of languages, hundreds of dialects, have been moving forward in our country with a sense of co-existence and they still remain the mother tongue of millions of people.

And not only language, our country has different sects, dozens of denominations, different methods of worship, hundreds of different regional cuisines, different clothing patterns, different seasons, which made this land amazing.

Unity in diversity is our heritage, this is our specialty. This diversity of India is the very basis of our Vibrant Democracy. This is our source of power and inspiration. Wherever we go, we carry the rites of diversity and democracy along with us.

Today, more than 50 thousand Indians sitting here in the stadium are present here today as the representatives of our great tradition.

Many among you present here have also made active contribution in the general elections of 2019, the biggest celebration of democracy in India. It was indeed an election that brought out the power of Indian Democracy to the world.

More than 610 million voters took part in this election. In a way, almost double the total population of America. There were also 80 million youth who were the first time voters.

This time highest number of women voters had voted in the history of democracy of India and this time the highest number of women have also been elected.


The 2019 general elections made another new record. It happened after six decades that a government returned with even greater numbers than earlier after completing their previous five year term.

Why did all this happen, what caused it? No, it is not because of Modi, it happened because of the Indians.


Indians are identified by their virtue of patience but now we are impatient for the development of the country and to take the country to newer heights in the 21st century. Today India’s most popular word is development, today India’s biggest mantra is – Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas. Today, India’s biggest policy is public participation. Today, the most popular slogan of India is accomplishment by way of resolve and today India’s biggest resolve is – New India.

Today India is working day-night to fulfill the dream of New India and the most important thing in it is that we are not competing with anyone but ourselves.

We are challenging ourselves. We are changing ourselves.


Today, India wants to move ahead faster than ever. Today, India is challenging the thinking of some people, whose thinking was that nothing can change.

In the last five years, 130 crore Indians have together achieved such results in every field, which no one could have imagined earlier.

We are aiming high, we are achieving higher.