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PM’s speech at launch of ‘Catch the Rain’ campaign

  • It is my privilege that today I got to listen to the leaders of our villages from different parts of the country who are committed towards nature and water and are taking along everybody in this mission.
  • I got a new inspiration, energy and some new ideas after listening to them. I am sure whosoever listened to the exchanges that took place with these representatives would have learned something new.
  • I also got to learn and so do our officers and the people will also get to learn. I am happy that awareness regarding the importance of water is growing and efforts too are increasing in this direction.
  • Today the International Water Day is being celebrated all over the world to highlight the importance of water.
  • On this occasion, we have gathered here for two important issues today. Today a campaign is being launched which I had also mentioned in my ‘Mann kiBaat’ program.
  • Along with the ‘Catch the Rain’ campaign, a major step has also been taken for the Ken Betwa Link canal to set an example before the world and resolve the water crisis in India.
  • An agreement has been reached today in the interest of millions of families of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh which is a great initiative in realizing the dream of Atal ji.
  • Had it not been for Corona, I would have personally come to Jhansi in Bundelkhand and hold a program in either Uttar Pradesh or Madhya Pradesh so that lakhs of people could come and bless us for such an important initiative.
  • Brothers and sisters, Adequate availability of water is a very important factor for 21st century India. Water is the need of every household and every field; it is also very important for every aspect of life and economy.
  • Today, when we talk about rapid growth and are making efforts in the direction, it is not possible without water security and effective water management.
  • India’s vision of development and self-sufficiency depends on our water sources and our water connectivity.
  • A lot ought to have been done decades ago in view of the seriousness of the situation. I tell you from the experience of Gujarat that if we take the initiative to preserve water in a planned manner with participation of people.
  • We will not have the problem of water scarcity and water will emerge as a more precious force than money.
  • This should have been done long ago. But, unfortunately, it did not happen the way it should have been along with the involvement of people.
  • As a result, the challenge of the water crisis is mounting as India moves ahead on the path of development.
  • If the country is not concerned about water preservation and does not prevent the wastage of water, the situation will deteriorate in the coming decades.