Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

PM’s inaugural address at India Global Week 2020

  • Distinguished guests from all walks of life, Namaste! Greetings from India. I appreciate India Inc Group  for organizing this event. The present event is a part of the excellent work that  India Inc  has done over the past years.
  • Your events have helped bring the opportunities in India to a global audience.You have helped making the links between India and UK stronger. I am happy that this year’s event has expanded its reach to  other partners also. Congratulations again. Hopefully next year, you will also get the opportunity to be on the Centre Court and enjoy Wimbledon.
  • Friends, In these times, it is natural to talk about  revival . It is equally natural to link global  revival  and India.
  • There is faith that the story of global revival  will have India playing a  leading role. I see this closely linked with  two factors.   The first is- Indian talent.
  • World over, you have seen the contribution of India’s  talent-force.This includes Indian professionals,   doctors,   nurses,   bankers,   lawyers,   scientists,   professors,   our  hard-working labourers.
  • Who can forget the Indian tech  industry and tech  They have been showing the way for decades.     India is a power-house  of talent, that is eager to contribute, ever ready  to learn. There is  two-way  synergy that is greatly beneficial.
  • Friends, The second factor is India’s ability  to reform and rejuvenate . Indians are natural reformers!  History has shown   that India has overcome every challenge, be it social or economical. India has  done so  with a spirit of reform and rejuvenation. The same sprit continues now.
  • Friends, On one hand India is fighting a strong battle against the global pandemic. With an increased focus on people’s health,  we are equally focussed on the health of the economy.
  • When India talks of revival   it is  revival  with care,  revival  with compassion,   revival  which is sustainable – both for the environment  and the economy.
  • We in India belong to the culture where Mother Nature is worshipped by everyone. It is believed in India that the Earth is our Mother and we are her children.
  • Friends, During the last six years, India has made great gains in areas such as Total  financial  inclusion, Record housing and infra construction, Ease of Doing Business, Bold tax reforms including the GST, Roll out of the world’s largest health care initiative – Ayushman Bharat.  These gains have set the foundations for the next round  of development