Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

PM’s address to Indian Armed Forces in Leh, India

  • Bharat Mata ki Jai! your courage, valour, and dedication to protect Mother India’s honour are incomparable. Your spirit is unparallel in the world. The difficult conditions and the height in which you work as a shield to protect and serve the motherland, no one can beat that!
  • Your courage is greater than the heights where you are posted. Your determination is stronger than the valley you walk on daily. Your arms are as strong as the rocks around you. Your willpower is as strong as the surrounding mountains. I can feel it being present amidst you today. I can see it with my own eyes!
  • Friends, The responsibility of the country’s safety and protection is in your hands and your strong determination, so there is an unwavering confidence. Not just me, the whole nation reposes an unwavering confidence and the country is reassured.
  • Your presence on the border motivates every countryman to work day and night for the country. The resolve of self-reliant India becomes stronger because of you, your sacrifice and efforts. And now you and your friends with their bravery have given out the message to the whole world about India’s strength.
  • Right now I can also see women soldiers in front of me. In the battlefield, this scene on the border in itself is a source of inspiration.
  • Friends, the national poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar ji wrote- जिनके सिंहनाद से सहमी। धरती रही अभी तक डोल।। कलम, आज उनकी जय बोल। कलम आज उनकी जय बोल।।
  • So, today I salute you and hail you with my words! I once again pay tributes to my brave soldiers who were martyred in Galwan Valley.
  • Heroes from every corner of the country i.e. from the east, the west, the north, and the south, have shown their valour. This land is still hailing them for their valour.
  • Today every Indian is bowing down before you and saluting the brave soldiers of the country. Today, every Indian is proud of your bravery and valour.
  • Friends, This land has become auspicious due to the blessings of the Indus. This land has assimilated within it the stories of bravery and valour of the brave sons.
  • From Leh-Ladakh to Kargil and Siachen, from the snowy peaks of Rezang La to the cold water stream of Galwan valley, every peak, every mountain, every corner, every pebble is a testimony to the might of the Indian soldiers.
  • Everyone knows about the stories of valour of the 14 Corps. The world has seen your indomitable courage. Your heroic stories are echoing from house to house and the enemies of Mother India have seen your fire and your fury as well.
  • Friends, The entire Ladakh, the crown of India, is a symbol of respect for 130 crore Indians. This land is the land of the patriots who are always ready to sacrifice for India.
  • This soil has produced great patriots like Kushok Bakula Rinponche. It was Rinponche ji who had mobilized the local people against the nefarious designs of the enemy.
  • Every conspiracy to create secession here has been foiled by the patriotic people of Ladakh led by Rinpoche. As a result of his inspiring efforts, the country and the Indian Army were inspired to create an infantry regiment called Ladakh Scout.
  • Today, the people of Ladakh are making wonderful contributions to strengthen the nation at every level – be it in the army or while performing the duties of ordinary citizens.
  • Friends, there is a saying- खड्गेन आक्रम्य वंदिता आक्रमण: पुणिया, वीर भोग्य वसुंधरा That is, a brave-heart protects the motherland with the power of his weapons. This land is for the brave.