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PM’s address to Air Force personnel at Jaisalmer

  • Friends, I have had the opportunity to visit Jaisalmer air base many times, but since there are a series of programmes that there is no opportunity to stay back or talk to anyone.
  • But, today I am fortunate to have the opportunity to celebrate the festival of Deepawali exclusively with all of you.
  • Many many best wishes to you and every member of your family for Deepawali. Friends, There has been a tradition of drawing rangoli (colourful designs) of Shubh-Labh or Ridhi-Sidhi in front of the door or the gate.
  • The idea behind this is that we have prosperity on Deepawali. Our borders of the nation are the gateways of our nation just as houses have doors.
  • So, the prosperity of the nation is because of you, the Shubh-Labh of the nation is because of you, the Ridhi-Sidhi of the nation is because of you and your valour.
  • That is why, today, people in every household in the country are expressing their feelings by lighting lamps in your glory.
  • These lamps of Deepawali are shining in the light of your valour. These lamps of Deepawali are sparkling in your honour in every corner of India and in every family.
  • I am amongst you today with these feelings. I have come here to pay obeisance to you, your patriotism, discipline and the passion to sacrifice lives for the country.
  • Friends, Today, if you look at India’s global influence, it is strengthening in all spheres — economic, cultural and military.
  • Today, the dominance of people of Indian origin is increasing across the world. The respect for India’s young talent is also growing in the world and if it comes to the country, then one can see all the three in this region of the border.
  • The speed and scale with which decisions have been taken in the last few years for your empowerment showcase our economic strength.
  • You boast of traditions of different states and diversity. You build one of the world’s greatest military powers.
  • The strength of our army is such that if anyone casts an evil eye on us, our soldiers have the passion to give it a befitting reply.
  • These are the qualities which establish the credibility of the Indian army in the world. Today, the country’s army is engaged in military exercises with powerful countries in the world.
  • We are engaged in strategic partnerships to fight against terrorism. Indian armed forces have shown that they can strike on terrorist havens anywhere, anytime.
  • It is also the Indian military force that leads the peacekeeping mission in every nook and corner of the world.
  • While the Indian Army is capable of frightening the enemies, it also illuminates the lives of others by lighting themselves like a lamp during disasters.
  • Friends, The role of our Air Force and Navy has been very laudable in bringing back its citizens affected by corona safely from abroad.
  • When there was a challenge of going to Wuhan, when the horrifying corona had just started, the Air Force personnel came forward to evacuate our Indians stranded in Wuhan.
  • There were some countries that had left their people to fend for themselves in Wuhan, but India not only evacuated its every citizen but our Air Force personnel also helped many other countries.