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PM’s address in the 76th Episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’

  • My dear countrymen, Namaskar. Today, I am expressing Mann Ki Baat at a time when Corona is testing our patience; it is testing the limits of all of us at enduring misery.
  • Many of our near and dear ones have left us untimely. After successfully confronting the first wave of Corona, the country was full of enthusiasm, full of self-confidence, but this storm has shaken the country.
  • Friends, in the days gone by, to tide over this crisis, I had long deliberations with experts from myriad sectors.
  • People from our Pharma industry, vaccine manufacturers, those connected with oxygen production, experts from the medical field have put forth their valuable suggestions to the government.
  • This time, for emerging victorious in this battle, we have to accord priority to expert and scientific advice.
  • The Government of India is applying its entire might to give a fillip to the endeavours of State Governments. The State Governments too are trying their best to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Friends,
  • presently, the country’s doctors and health workers are waging a colossal battle against Corona. Over the past one year, they have undergone varied experiences.
  • Joining us, at the moment, is the well known Dr Shashank Joshi ji from Mumbai. Dr Shashank ji has immense grassroot level experience in the field of treatment of Corona and allied research.
  • He has also been the Dean of the Indian College of Physicians. Let’s speak to Dr Shashank.
  • PM – Namaskar Dr Shashank ji
  • Dr Shashank – Namaskar Sir
  • PM – Just recently had got an opportunity to speak to you. I had liked the clarity in your thoughts. I felt all citizens of the country should know about your thoughts.
  • From what we used to hear, I present it before you in the form of a question. Dr Shashank, all of you are deeply involved at the moment in saving lives’
  • Day and night…first of all, I’d like you to tell people about the Second Wave; how different it is medically, what precautions are necessary
  • Dr Shashank – Thank you Sir. This second deluge that has come in rapidly. This virus is faster moving than the first wave. But the good thing is that the recovery rate is higher and mortality rate pretty low.